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Podchaser Makes It Difficult For You To Remove Your Podcast

As you may have heard, Podchaser has been acquired by Acast. It is entirely possible that your podcast – or some of its episodes – has been sucked into Podchaser without your knowledge or permission. I recommend you check on that.

I found Shattered Soulstone, the podcast that my husband and I have been working on for years, on Podchaser. Neither one of us was contacted by Podchaser when they decided to grab not only our episodes but also the data it generates.

In an article written by Paul Sawers (TechCrunch) he wrote:

…While Podchaser will continue as a separate brand and business once the acquisition closes, Acast said that it plans a “deep integration” of Podchaser’s data, giving its customers “authoritative, structured, metadata.” Indeed, while Podchaser is a consumer-focused platform in terms of how it aids discoverability, it’s also a utility for advertisers and marketers, as it allows them to find the most suitable podcasts to sell their wares to. Targeted advertising will play an important part of the fast-growing podcasting industry, and its partly why Acast is bringing Podchaser under its wing — Podchaser delivers additional data points spanning demographics, consumption, reach, and “favorability”.

Personally, I don’t want Podchaser to grab the data from my podcast and hand it over to advertisers – for the advertiser’s benefit. I don’t want Podchaser to collect data about my listeners, who have never given Podchaser permission to track them.

There is an Help article on Podchaser titled: “Requesting Removal of Podcasts from Podchaser”. The line under that title says: “Can I delete my podcast from Podchaser?”

The Help Desk person wrote this: “Podchaser is the world’s most comprehensive podcast database that strives to present an accurate representation of podcast information past and present. This visibly allows podcasters big and small to gain new listeners and monetization opportunities.”

It also says: “If you would like to request the removal of your podcast, please fill out this form”. (The word Form has a link attached).

I filled out the form, and waited, but nothing changed. Another problem appeared. In order to remove your podcast you have to “claim” it as the owner. Doing so does not allow you to remove your podcast. I think it’s there to annoy podcasters in the hopes they will give up trying to remove their podcast from Podchaser.

One option is to allow Podchaser to access your Twitter account and let you log in that way. I highly recommend you DO NOT allow it to access to any of your social media accounts.

The image above says: Authorize Podchaser to access your account?

This application will be able to:

  • See Tweets from your timeline (including protected Tweets) as well as your Lists and collections.
  • See your Twitter profile information and account settings
  • See accounts you follow, mute, and block
  • Follow and unfollow accounts for you
  • Update your profile and account settings
  • Post and delete Tweets for you. and engage with Tweets posted by others (Like, un-like, or reply to a retweet, etc.) for you.
  • Create, manage and delete Lists and collections for you
  • Mute, block, and report accounts for you

I found this to be incredibly troubling! It sounds like if you give Podchaser access to your Twitter account – you pretty much lose control of your Twitter. There’s another thing like this if you want to give Podchaser access to your Facebook account.

I ended up making an account on Podchaser, in the hopes doing so would make it easier for them to hear me. It doesn’t. Instead, I got sent emails about their latest updates, etc, – which is not at all what I want.

When this didn’t work, and days of waiting for a response from Podchaser, my husband Shawn (editor of Shattered Soulstone), had to create his own Podchaser account, claim the show, and then fill out another form requesting that Shattered Soulstone to be removed. There is a spot on the form that asks: “Why do you want your podcast removed?” He wrote: “Don’t want to contribute to your data harvesting business.”

That was on July 30th. We are still waiting to have the show removed from Podcaster. There has been no follow up at all, for either of us. Podchaser may have originally added Shattered Soulstone from a public API. But, they should honor requests to have shows removed.

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Jam Street Media Joins Sounder Platform And Announces New Consulting Partnership

Jam Street Media, founded by Matty Staudt, former Vice President of Podcast Programming at iHeartRadio and Director of Content at Stitcher, which focuses on podcast production and consulting on podcast start-ups, is announcing its new partnership with Sounder. Sounder is an audio intelligence platform that builds powerful data solutions to unlock podcast monetization, brand safety, contextual targeting, and discoverability for audio content. Jam Street will use Sounder to accelerate the growth of its network and branded shows via its advanced transcription and automated promotional tools and monetize them with dynamic ad insertion.

Dan Dougherty, Co-Founder and Head of Revenue of Sounder, said, “We are so excited to welcome Jam Street Media to the Sounder platform. Matty and his team are expert storytellers, and we’re thrilled to have them grow their audience leveraging our powerful tools.”

“I have worked with just about every platform out there, and I have never seen anything to compare to what the team at Sounder has build,” added Matty Staudt. “They are also a great group of people who are passionate about what they are building. That is personally important to me.”

Jam Street has also signed deals to do creative/network structure consulting for Muddhouse Media, a growing podcast network founded by Kris Myer, an Emmy-nominated and award-winning producer who has worked for the past 20 years with the comedic duo The Farrelly Brothers, Bright Sided Podcasting, founded by Emmy-Nominated journalist Christine O’Donnell, The Bright Sighted Network is a podcasting network that shares stories about humanity that showcases the bright side of a bad situation and Story Studio Network, one of Canada’s fastest growing networks with a deep stable of experienced and award-winning broadcast journalists Founded by veteran radio broadcasters and father-daughter duo Dave and Erin Trafford.

“It’s truly an honor to help the talented people at these amazing networks grow, monetize, and get their quality content out to the world,” said Matty Staudt.

In addition, Jam Street will advise two start-ups, Stampede Social, the most comprehensive Instagram campaign performance tracker ever, and Audiolabs, allowing creators to distribute their audio content in podcasting, video apps, and social audio for maximum reach. They join current client OSSA Collective. A podcast advertising marketplace focused on connecting brands with female audiences. As an inclusive marketplace, they have a growing community of over 1500 women and non-binary podcast creators.

“I can’t believe that all of this has happened in the past two months,” Staudt said. “I think this shows that Jam Street is not like any other podcast company out there. Our years of experience in the space make us a go-to for podcast networks, creators, and start-ups to get counsel and direction as they navigate the podcast industry. I can’t wait to share what we are doing with our network soon!”

To learn more about Jam Street Media, visit

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Southern California Public Radio Bolsters Management Team With Key Hires

Southern California Public Radio (SCPR) announced two new hires, bolstering the organization’s management team. Shana Naomi Krochmal (she/her) has been appointed as vice president of LAist Studios, SCPR’s podcast development and production studio. Sophie Chap (she/her) is joining SPCR as director of marketing & communications, overseeing activities for all SCPR platforms.

“SCPR has long been a pillar of the Los Angeles community, and, as we look to the future, expanding our team with respected media professionals such as Shana and Sophie who have their pulse on what makes this region tick is key”, said Herb Scannell, president and chief executive officer, SCPR. “Shana has an impressive background successfully leading entertainment media brands in the digital space and is an asset as the LAist Studios team continues to grow and refine its podcast strategy. Sophie brings a great wealth of experience crafting effective brand-building tactics, media strategies, and overall brand messaging that will allow us to further build awareness among the communities that SCPR serves.”

LAist Studios, SCPR’s podcast development and production studio, is the latest addition to the organization. Founded in 2019 to tell “LA stories to the world” and champion the diverse voices of the region, LAist Studios have received recognition from the Webby Awards, and New York Festival Radio Awards for shows that include audio memoir, California Love; investigative series California City; Norco ’80, which told the story of the robbery that changed policing in America. Other shows such as The Big One: Your Survival Guide, WILD, and Snooze have received critical acclaim from The Atlantic, Vulture, The New Yorker, The Guardian, and more.

Krochmal joins LAist Studios from Entertainment Weekly (EW), where as editorial director she created award-winning digital covers, oversaw a site relaunch, and executive produced podcasts, video content, and social media projects. During her time at EW, she also co-hosted a Schitt’s Creek companion show with exclusive access during the show’s sixth and final season. Prior to that, she was the editor in chief of Entertainment Tonight online, where she scaled the show’s microsite into a top-tier 24-7 digital video and news operation, and she has also worked at Current TV and was a longtime contributing editor at OUT magazine. Krochmal and her wife live in Pasadena with their dog, Miss Thing.

Chap comes to SCPR from the Los Angeles Times, where she was most recently senior manager, media and marketing partnerships. During the eight years she spent with the Los Angeles Times, she helped lead the brand messaging to improve brand visibility within the local LA market. She created, executed, and managed all media campaigns that leveraged the Los Angeles Times’ owned and operated communication channels, external partnership relationships, and media buys helping to drive awareness and results. Prior to that, Chap also held roles at Beachfront Media, Tribune Publishing, and KABC-TV.

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Global’s DAX Retains Exclusive Ad Sales Contract With SoundCloud

Global’s market leading digital ad exchange DAX has retained its exclusive audio advertising contract with SoundCloud, the next-generation music entertainment company. This partnership, originally signed in 2016, has also been expanded and will now see DAX selling integrated campaigns, as well as artist and track sponsorship, events and customs partnerships in the UK. This is in addition to spot ads which have been available to advertisers via DAX for over six years.

Mark Halliday, Commercial Director – DAX, said: “SoundCloud’s audience is diverse, young, and highly engaged so I’m delighted to be able to offer fresh creative opportunities for brands to meaningfully connect with that vibrant community and interact with them in new ways.”

Jon Vick, Director, International Advertising Partnerships, SoundCloud said: “DAX enables brands in the UK to reach our audience of diverse music fans easily all from one place. It’s ideal for us to continue building upon our successful partnership by expanding our offerings for advertisers, so they can reach SoundCloud’s audience in new, more creative and customizable ways.”

DAX’s pioneering technology provides advertisers with access to over 130 million people listening to music streaming services, digital radio, and podcasts around the world. Global also recently added mobile gaming to its roster, having signed an exclusive ad sales deal with Odeeo – a tech start-up that delivers non-intrusive audio ads in mobile games.

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Liberated Syndication Announces Agreement to Acquire Julep Media

Liberated Syndication Inc. (“Libsyn” or the “Company”), the leading “Podcasting As A Service” platform, announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Julep Media GmbH (“Julep”), Germany’s largest independent platform for podcast advertising. The combination of Julep and Libsyn subsidiary AdvertiseCast opens new international markets for Libsyn and represents only the first step in Libsyn’s expansion to become the global destination for creators looking to monetize and brands looking for exposure to the fast growing podcast media market.

Founded in 2019, Julep has rapidly grown to serve the entire podcast ecosystem throughout Germany, including advertising, hosting, and content production. Julep monetizes over 500 podcasts and more than 50,000 episodes, distributes over 45 million downloads per month, and provides advertising solutions to more than 300 brands and agencies across the German economy, including Clark, SKY, Deutch Telekom, Athletic Greens, Facebook, and Ikea.

The German audio ad market is the 6th largest in the world and podcast advertising is expected to significantly outpace the growth of the rest of the digital media market. Steffen Hopf, who has served as Julip’s CEO since the company’s founding, will continue in his current position and will assume new responsibilities for Libsyn’s international efforts throughout Europe. The rest of Julep management team will also remain in place for at least the next three years.

Brad Tirpak, Libsyn’s CEO, said, “Libsyn is thrilled to welcome Julep to our growing platform of advertising solutions for creators. Germany is one of the largest podcast markets in Europe, and Julep provides Libsyn with the immediate scale to become a leading force in podcast monetization in both Germany and the broader European market. Steffen Hopf and Christian Rymarenko have built a world-class team, and under their leadership Julep has become the primary destination for German creators and advertisers. The podcast advertising market is still in early stages in Europe and Julep’s focus on innovative technology and automation will continue to drive Julep’s strong growth and expand Libsyn’s podcast monetization and hosting offerings.”

Steffen Hopf, Julep’s CEO said, “Our new combination with Libsyn will dramatically accelerate our growth and product offerings. From the very beginning, we have always had our sights on internationalization as a pillar of our future development. With its expertise in the U.S. podcast market, which is several years ahead of the European market, Julep’s combination with Libsyn comes at exactly the right time. The team and I are excited to begin this new growth chapter in partnership with Brad and the entire Libsyn organization.”

Julep was founded by some of Germany’s most successful tech entrepreneurs, including Marcus Englert, Sebastian Weil, and Bjorn Jopen. Marcus Englert commented, “To have developed and built one of the leading platforms for podcast advertising in Germany in less than three years is an enormous success, for which I would like to express my sincere thanks to Julep’s managing directors, Steffen Hopf and Christian Rymarenko, and the entire Julep team. We look forward to our combination with Libsyn. We are confident that together we are even better positioned to expand our market share in the fast-growing podcast markets of Europe.”

The acquisition’s closing is subject to customary closing conditions, including regulatory approval.

To learn more about Julep offerings, click here.

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Another sign of post-pandemic podcast fatigue

Surprise! I had a bit of a vacation detour, so I am back for a two-day stint before taking off again Thursday. The TL;DR of my trip is that Sweden is great — let’s all move there and take our four weeks of summer vacation and eat princess cake. It is a slow week in the […]
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Insider August 18, 2022 — Apple has some new charts for us

Happy Thursday, everyone. We’ve got a few big items today: a Megaphone / Chartable / Podsights mashup, layoffs at Audacy affecting stations across the US, and more data from Apple Podcasts. Apple debuts two new charts for subscription podcasts We love a chart! Today, Apple Podcasts is introducing a pair of new top 100 charts […]
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PRX And Goat Rodeo Forge Creative And Strategic Podcast Partnership

Independent production company Goat Rodeo will serve as a trusted production partner of PRX Productions, PRX’s team specializing in high-quality audio production and storytelling.

Goat Rodeo will serve as a trusted production partner for PRX Productions PRX’s team specializing in high-quality audio production and storytelling to create original series alongside editorial partners. PRX Productions also creates sponsored podcasts for and with mission-aligned organizations. This new strategic partnership will open opportunities for both PRX and Goat Rodeo, increasing production capacity for PRX Productions while allowing for creative collaboration and close coordination. In addition, PRX will distribute a slate of Goat Rodeo original projects.

“We’re thrilled to partner with the trusted and talented team at Goat Rodeo to expand possibilities for PRX Productions and the podcasts we can create together,” said Jason Saldanha, Chief of Business Development and Content at PRX.

Helmed by Peabody Award-winning audio creator Jocelyn Gonzales and a team of acclaimed producers, PRX Productions specializes in high-quality audio, creating podcasts in concert with CBS News and Simon & Schuster (Unsung Science with David Pogue), Ben & Jerry’s (Blackberry Jams), America Abroad Media (The Universal Title) PBS, (NOVA Now), Echoverse, and more.

Goat Rodeo, an accomplished creative audio team, produces original podcasts spanning storytelling, journalism, and entertainment working alongside partners that includes The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Lawfare, and iHeartMedia.

“This partnership is a huge step forward for PRX and Goat Rodeo. For over seven years, we’ve made unparalleled execution and mission-driven storytelling a cornerstone of our work. For the leadership at PRX to bring our talents together with our shared vision represents a new chapter for us,” said Ian Enright, Chief Executive Officer at Goat Rodeo.

“For so long we’ve felt like the best kept secret in audio. To see Goat Rodeo strengths as a high level audio team paired with PRX’s institutional weight is such an amazing leap forward. Our team is so excited to show the great work our teams can create together,” said Megan Nadolski, Chief Operating Officer at Goat Rodeo.

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Insider August 12, 2022 — The secret behind Apple’s podcast plans

Happy Friday, everyone. New York City has cooled off (a bit, temporarily), I’ve got my windows open, and I’m listening to the beautiful sounds of whirring sirens and apartment construction. We’ve got some interesting news today, though. Below: details on Apple’s original podcast plans, Sinclair gets into podcasting, and collaborative editing on Soundtrap. Plus, somehow, […]
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Amazon Music And Wondery Sponsor International Women’s Podcast Awards 2022

The Skylark Collective have announced Amazon Music and Wondery as sponsors of this year’s international Women’s Podcast Awards.

The sponsorship sees Amazon Music and Wondery showcase a shared commitment to the Skylark Collective’s ambition of amplifying the voices of women in podcasting, and providing recognition to those – both behind the mic and behind-the-scenes – who have created incredible audio moments and intimate listening experiences.

Both Amazon Music and Wondery are also launching a new initiative to encourage diversity and inclusion in podcasting.

The Amazon Music and Wondery Awards Fund will help to provide complementary tickets for the in-person event at The Conduit, and the global livestream online for those who find the costs prohibitive, and wouldn’t be able to attend.

This fund will provide the means for people worldwide to attend the awards free of charge, and is a big step forward in the endeavour of both The Skylark Collective and Amazon Music to continually improve accessibility in podcasting.

Completing of a short form is all that is required to apply. The fund launched on 1 August to coincide with the release of tickets for the event.

This year’s International Women’s Podcast Awards will be hosted by podcaster, writer, and comedian Deborah Frances-White of The Guilty Feminist at The Conduit in London on Thursday 29 September. The ceremony will be attended by a live audience in London, with a global livestream available for guests around the world. The category shortlists will be announced in early September.

Naomi Mellor, founder of International Women’s Podcast Awards, said: “Last year’s event had a wonderful energetic, supportive atmosphere full of joy, laughter and support, and we’re delighted that with the support of Amazon Music, we can open the door to even more podcasters joining us either in London or online to attend this year’s awards.

“We are constantly striving at The Skylark Collective to support as many podcasters as we can, and to create a truly level playing field in this exciting and growing industry.

“The global podcasting family is a wonderful place where everyone should feel they belong. This partnership provides us with another excellent way of providing a means of facilitating that, and we can’t wait for this year’s event.”

You can find out more about the fund and the awards at the Skylark Collective website.

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