Augie lets you make videos with an AI clone of your own voice

Hand holding a microphone
Image: Daniela Vladimirova / Flickr

Aug X released Augie, an AI-powered video creation platform incorporating a voice cloning feature to read ad copy without booking a recording studio.

Partnering with ElevenLabs, Aug X lets users record their or someone else’s voice and clone it to use for other short videos. The Augie platform, aimed primarily toward marketers and social media teams, lets people quickly add narration, photos, text, and music to videos without needing to learn audio and video editing.

Jeremy Toeman, founder of Aug X, said the company wanted to add a voice cloning feature after realizing some people do not like speaking into a microphone or recording voice-overs.

“You’d be surprised at the number of people who’ve used our voice cloning feature that came…

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