Your Android phone may soon read QR codes from across the room

three phone screenshots, showing camera looking at a distant QR code, then one with the QR code zoomed into, and then the interpreted information from the scan.
Google’s sample of the code scanner API auto-zoom. | Image: Google

You might soon not have as much trouble reading far away QR codes on your Android phone. Google is working on a new code scanner that automatically detects a QR code in the camera frame, zooms in, and reads it. The feature isn’t quite making its way to devices just yet — but it’s in the latest APIs Google is making available to developers.

Specifically, it’s Google’s code scanner API that’s been updated with the new ability. It works in Google’s QR Code Scanner system app, but can also be implemented into other apps.

If developers implement the code scanner API, users won’t have to grant camera permissions — saving developers time by not having to build a custom experience. The API leverages Google’s on-device machine learning to…

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