Apple no longer offers the Apple Music Voice Plan

Apple Music logo, on red and white background
Illustration: Alex Castro / The Verge

Apple no longer offers its $4.99 per month Apple Music Voice Plan, as reported by MacMagazine.

The Voice Plan, introduced in 2021, let you access the Apple Music library via Siri across your devices. But as of Wednesday, it’s no longer listed among the Apple Music plans that you can subscribe to on Apple’s website — the grid on the site currently includes the Student, Individual, and Family plans. (The Voice Plan was listed on the website as of Tuesday, according to an archived version of the page on the Wayback Machine.)

If you are currently on the Voice Plan, Apple will turn off auto-renew, the company writes in a support page about the plan’s discontinuation. Naturally, Apple says that you can also switch to one of its other Apple…

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