Asus announces two new 480Hz OLED monitors to cover 1080p and 1440p gaming

The rear of an Asus OLED monitor
Asus’ already announced PG32UCDM OLED monitor. | Image: Asus

OLED monitors are getting exciting at CES this year. Asus has just announced three new OLED monitors, and two of them are capable of hitting 480Hz refresh rates. Much like LG, Asus has a dual-mode 32-inch OLED monitor that can offer 240Hz refresh rates at 4K resolution, or 480Hz at 1080p. Asus is also announcing a 27-inch 1440p OLED monitor that’s capable of 480Hz natively.

The ROG Swift OLED PG32UCDP dual-mode gaming monitor can switch between 4K 240Hz and 1080p 480Hz “at any time,” according to Asus. That means if you want to play something like Overwatch 2 or Valorant at high refresh rates you can switch to the 1080p mode, and keep the 4K 240Hz mode for ray-traced single player titles.

Image: Asus

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