Ausha Launches A New Sub-Brand Dedicated To Branded Podcasts – Ausha PRO

Over the past two years, the number of branded podcasts hosted on Ausha has increased tenfold. This list includes both large organizations and smaller ones: Metlife, EDF, Bouygues Telecom, Dior, Decathlon, UNESCO, and more.

The podcast hosting and marketing platform, Ausha, has unveiled a new sub-brand specifically designed for professional creators of branded podcasts: Ausha PRO. The objective of this new offering is to meet the specific needs of professionals by providing dedicated features and services.

“Brands have very different needs compared to independent podcast creators. That’s why we created Ausha PRO, offering exclusive features and services that effectively address the challenges faced by branded podcasts. We are dealing with features that effectively address the challenges faced by branded podcasts. We are dealing with expert and demanding Marketing and Communication teams who are looking for cutting-edge marketing technologies and require a higher level of responsiveness. However, they often need guidance in the realm of podcasting, which they may be less familiar with. This is where our expertise in Podcast Marketing comes into play and proves particularly valuable.” – Jennifer Han, Chief Marketing Officer at Ausha.

Ausha PRO includes all of Aisha’s essential features (unlimited hosting, streamlined distribution, promotional materials, social media management, Al etc.), as well as new services specifically created to empower brands:

  • Enhanced support from experts who provide training, audits, advice, and guidance through video, phone, or email.
  • Reinforced branding through advanced customization of all promotional materials offered by the Ausha platform.
  • Collaborative management of the platform with multi-user access.
  • Platfom configuration and episode distribution completed in-house by Ausha staff.

In addition to these new services, Ausha PRO also offers new technical tools specifically designed for business: a channel page, SSO integration, simplified payment methods and more.

“Ausha is THE hosting platform. It is super user-friendly and comprehensive, offering tools for managing social networks and monitoring statistics. Additionally, the entire team is friendly, available, and highly professional.” – Emmanuel Rudowski, Communication & Public Engagement at UNESCO.

To learn more about the Ausha Pro plan, contact their team of experts or visit the website

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