The latest ‘Woj bomb’ was just a scam NFT tweet from a hacked account

A greyscale image of the fake tweet, with the word “hacked” across it in red text.
The fake NBA Top Shot tweet. | Image: X / @wojespn

People who still use NBA Top Shot were the primary targets of a scam tweet posted to ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnarowski’s account on X Saturday evening at about 6:30PM ET. The tweet referred to NBA Top Shot as a “popular” NFT platform, despite the fact that current activity levels are a tiny fraction of what we saw during its peak, and falsely claimed a “free NFT pack is available to all customers.”

The tweet linked visitors to a scam version of the NBA Top Shot website (the link went to a .org address instead of the official site’s .com URL) that could attempt to drain assets from people who give it access to their crypto wallets. About a half hour later, the official Top Shot account posted, saying, “There is NO Free Airdrop happening…

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Google co-founder Sergey Brin sued over a plane crash that killed two pilots last year

A picture of Sergey Brin holding his hands up mid-gesture while speaking at the World Economic Forum.
Sergey Brin at a World Economic Forum session in 2017. | Photo by Fabrice Coffrini / AFP via Getty Images

Google co-founder Sergey Brin is facing a wrongful death lawsuit from the widow of one of two pilots who died in a plane crash off the coast of California in May 2023. It blames a poorly installed modification for the crash and claims his representatives intentionally slowed recovery efforts to destroy evidence, as previously reported by Bloomberg and Fortune.

An updated complaint filed on February 13th in the Santa Clara County Superior Court of California says Lance Maclean and co-pilot Dean Rushfedlt were contracted to bring Brin’s seaplane from California to Fiji for island-hopping with friends. Ferrying the $8 million, twin-engine Viking Air Twin Otter Series 400 that far required an auxiliary fuel system, which the complaint…

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Victrola’s Sonos-ready turntable is down to an unbeatable price

Victrola’s Stream Onyx sitting on a cabinet between a Sonos speaker and a potted plant.
The Stream Onyx is the turntable to start with if you’re running a Sonos-only home. | Image: Victrola

With the ability to stream to practically anything, the Victrola Sapphire is shaping up to be the last turntable you’ll need. It’s not available yet, though, and not everyone will want to spend $1,500 for the privilege of owning one. The Sonos-ready Stream Onyx, while not as ubiquitous, is the cheapest model that will let you stream your record collection to all your Sonos speakers while retaining vinyl’s authenticity and character. We’ve seen it fall to $359.99 in the past, but Amazon is establishing a new all-time low at the moment, dropping it to $341.99 ($258 off).

The Stream Onyx is a more affordable alternative to the Stream Carbon, one that lacks the latter’s premium metallic accented finishings and Ortofon Red 2M cartridge. It…

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NZME Secures Exclusive Partnership With TED

A new multi-year partnership between New Zealand Media and Entertainment and globally renowned TED confirmed NZME as the exclusive sales representative for the popular podcast network in New Zealand.

Under this agreement NZME’s Podcast Network will represent TED’s podcast slate in New Zealand serving as the sole sales representatives for the advertising inventory in all TED podcasts to New Zealand clients.

The partnership marks another milestone for NZME’s Podcast Network, which boasts more than 86 million podcast downloads in the past year alone.

Driven by the hugely popular TED Talks Daily, the TED podcast slate attracts an audience of tens of thousands of monthly listeners across New Zealand and 214,000 monthly downloads in January 2024. With a diverse line-up the slate covers a further 20+ additional shows exploring topics from artificial intelligence to business, health, technology, and work featuring insights from leading thinkers and creators.

James Butcher, NZME Head of Digital Audio, says: “Everyone has heard of TED Talks — it’s a globally renowned brand and massively popular, so we’re thrilled to be partnering with TED podcasts exclusively here in New Zealand.

“This is another example of NZME’s ongoing commitment to expand our portfolio of diverse and engaging podcasts for our audience. We’re really proud to continue to drive listenership and increase the amount of unique, compelling podcasts we have available, and we are confident we’ll propel TED Podcasts’ content to new heights in New Zealand,” he says.

Sarah Catran, NZME GM Podcast Commercial and Partnerships, adds: “It’s great to deliver world-class content to our audiences and advertisers through our partnership with TED. This collaboration opens up new and exciting opportunities for advertisers to leverage this distinctive podcast network, connecting with New Zealanders through an expanded array of international material.”

Laura Beyer, Senior Director of TED Partnerships, says: “We’re excited to bring TED’s audio content to New Zealand, where it’s long had a strong following of people watching TED Talks online and hosting independently organized TEDx events in their local communities. “This will now enable us to reach a more global audience with a diverse range of topics — from technology to business to design — and provide access to TED content in a new format.”

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Travis Albritton Joins Amaze Media Labs As Head of Marketing

Amaze Media Labs announces the addition of Travis Albritton as Head of Marketing.

Travis Albritton, a long time podcast industry veteran, spending four years as the Head of Content at Buzzsprout before launching his own production agency, Honest Podcasts, has been brought on board at Amaze Media Labs to lead marketing efforts specifically around their audience lift services and branded content.

He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that will enhance Amaze Media Lab’s product roadmap and marketing strategy as podcast networks and brands continue to focus on audience growth and retention.

“With the launch of our new podcast promotion platform, Trailergram.co, we quickly realized the single biggest challenge in this rapidly growing space is helping content creators reach the right target audience to listen to the content they’re creating at a price point that fits within the monetization framework of the podcast industry,” said Amaze Media Labs Founder Robert Tuchman.

“Our team was fortunate enough to connect with Travis who used our products and was impressed with what were doing in the audience space. We love his unique experience and skills that he brings to the podcast industry. His knowledge of podcast marketing and product development will help us create better experiences for our clients and expand our footprint in the paid audience growth segment of our industry. The fact that he’s a real-life rocket scientist certainly didn’t hurt either.”

“I’m thrilled to be joining the Amaze Media Labs team and for the opportunity to develop and launch innovative content production solutions for podcast creators, networks, and brands. 2024 is shaping up to be a banner year for content marketing, and I’m excited to be a part of it with the leader in the space,” said Travis Albritton, Head of Marketing at Amaze Media Labs.

About Amaze Media Labs

Founded in 2020 by Robert Tuchman, Brett Skalr, and Stephen Master, Amaze Media Labs was built to help brands succeed on the next frontier of community engagement with podcasts. The Amaze Media Labs platform consists of branded podcasts and audience development solutions, like Trailergram. For more information, visit amazemedialabs.com and Trailergram.co.

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Ausha Officially Launches A Game-Changing New Tool For Enhancing Podcast Visibility

Ausha, a leader in Podcast Marketing, is thrilled to announce of the PSO Control Panel, an innovative tool designed to enhance podcast visibility on major platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

In an increasingly crowded listening apps ecosystem, podcasters often struggle to be picked, even when producing high-quality content. Recognizing this challenge, Ausha took a unique approach to address this issue: the PSO (Podcast Search Optimization) Control Panel. This cutting-edge feature promises to revolutionize podcast visibility on key platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

“Ausha is deeply dedicated to equipping podcasters with the most advanced tools for amplifying their audience reach. In determining which tools to incorporate into Ausha, we have collaborated directly with podcasters. This led to the creation of The PSO Control Panel, a pioneering solution that significantly boosts podcast visibility for the intended audience,” explains Maxime Piquet, CEO of Ausha. “Working together lets us meet our users’ expanding needs and keep up with the fast-changing podcast industry. At Ausha, innovation is key, and we promise to regularly update the PSO Control Panel, ensuring it remains a leading tool for podcast optimization.”

The PSO Control Panel is the result of an extensive collaboration with a dedicated group of 100 podcast creators from around the world who played a pivotal role in shaping and refining the tool. During the beta testing phase, they were able to experience the PSO Control Panel firsthand and were impressed by the results they achieved.

The PSO Control Panel has shown some promising initial results. For instance, the podcast What Fresh Hell, focused on parenthood, reach #1 on Apple Podcasts for the keyword ‘Parenting Tips’ within just 24 hours. How? By strategically optimizing its metadata and consistently monitoring its PSO strategy daily with the PSO Control Panel, just like an SEO expert would do.

Accessible now to Ausha users, the PSO Control Panel simplifies the process of enhancing podcast visibility into 4 straightforward steps:

Set up your keywords, with or without AI assistance.

Monitor your rankings on Apple Podcasts and Spotify in real-time.

Improve your metadata thanks to your results

Become the #1 in Apple Podcasts & Spotify search results.

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Ring stops selling its Ring Car Cam dash cam

A small camera on top of a long black stand fitted onto a car windshield.
If you wanted a Ring Car Cam you’re too late. | Photo by Jennifer Pattison Tuohy / The Verge

Ring confirmed to The Verge that it has stopped selling its Ring Car Cam, a dashcam / security camera hybrid that records the road and the driver while in motion and acts as a security camera when a vehicle is parked. The product, which launched at CES 2023, has been hard to come by since going on sale last January, and customers who tried to purchase one in the last few months are finding those orders canceled.

“We’ve experienced ongoing delays with Car Cam and have decided to stop the sale of the device,” Ring spokesperson Andrea McDonald told The Verge in an email. “Customers who purchased a Car Cam will continue to receive software updates and support. We remain excited about opportunities to innovate in the auto space.”


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When does a journalist become a hacker?

Photo illustration of the Supreme Court building with gavels behind.
Cath Virginia / The Verge | Photos via Getty Images

Some laws operate like hidden trap doors — everyone walks across the trap at one point or another, but only a handful of us actually fall through. For the rich, it’s the law against insider trading; for the rest of us plebs, it’s the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

On Thursday, federal law enforcement arrested journalist Tim Burke and arraigned him in court in handcuffs. Twelve of the 14 charges levied against him in the since-unsealed indictment are under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), the federal anti-hacking statute.

The story begins with Tucker Carlson’s extremely cursed interview of Kanye West in 2022. Most interviews are edited for clarity; in this case, the interview was cut to exclude a rambling, antisemitic rant. That…

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