Awesome Games Done Quick’s adorable dog speedrun was just the start

Photo of Peanut Butter, a Shiba Inu, standing with his paw on a custom video game controller made up of blue, red, yellow, and green button pads.
Photo: JSR_

Though Awesome Games Done Quick will go on for the rest of the week, the charity speedrunning event may have already peaked with a run performed by Peanut Butter… a Shiba Inu.

Using a custom-made controller and spurred by commands and treats, Peanut Butter button-pressed his way into our hearts and the speedrunning history books with his run of Gyromite in the first-ever speedrun done by a dog. Gyromite is a game where the player guides a sleepwalking scientist through his lab by pressing buttons to raise or lower colored pillars in the scientist’s way. To successfully complete a level, players must not get squished by releasing a pillar too soon and avoid monsters called “smicks” that can kill the player in one hit.

For the run,…

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