The best free apps for video meetings

A computer showing a group of people having a video meeting; the computer is surrounded by an assortment of blue icons against a purple background.
Illustration: Samar Haddad / Photo by Becca Farsace

While many companies are encouraging their employees to return to the office, working remotely (when possible) seems to have caught on and is probably not going anywhere in the near future. Many of us are still using videoconferencing apps to keep in touch with work colleagues, family, and friends. Zoom continues to top the list of these meeting apps, but there are a bunch of other free applications out there that will allow you to meet others online.

What follows are descriptions of some of the more interesting free video conferencing apps. We’ve concentrated on applications that allow at least 10 or more participants. Rather than simply assume that Zoom is best for you, you may want to try one or two of these out for yourself to see…

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