Bluesky starts letting users pick their own moderation filters

An image showing the Bluesky logo on a gradient blue background
Image: Bluesky

Bluesky will soon let users customize how content is moderated in their feeds. The social platform announced that it’s open-sourcing its moderation tool, called Ozone, to let developers create additional moderation services that can be selected by users.

Bluesky already has a team dedicated to content moderation, along with its own set of rules users have to follow. However, the new system will let users expand what’s moderated to their liking, allowing them to subscribe to additional moderation services that label, annotate, or hide certain types of posts.

Image: Bluesky

Here’s what it will look like to subscribe to a moderation service.

As an example, Bluesky says someone could use Ozone to create a…

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