Christopher Nolan wants Oppenheimer to be a cautionary tale for Silicon Valley

Christopher Nolan, a white man, sits at a panel holding a microphone and speaking.
Christopher Nolan at a screening of Oppenheimer at the Whitby Hotel in NYC. | Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images For Universal Pictures

Around the time J. Robert Oppenheimer learned that Hiroshima had been struck (alongside everyone else in the world) he began to have profound regrets about his role in the creation of that bomb. At one point when meeting President Truman Oppenheimer wept and expressed that regret. Truman called him a crybaby and said he never wanted to see him again. And Christopher Nolan is hoping that when Silicon Valley audiences of his film Oppenheimer (out June 21) see his interpretation of all those events they’ll see something of themselves there too.

After a screening of Oppenheimer at the Whitby Hotel yesterday Christopher Nolan joined a panel of scientists and Kai Bird, one of the authors of the book Oppenheimer is based on to talk about the…

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