Cowboy Cruiser test ride: a more comfortable e-bike for daily use

Cowboy makes some subtle changes to create an e-bike that will likely have even broader mainstream appeal. | Image: Cowboy

Boutique Belgian electric bicycle maker Cowboy just added a new more upright and comfortable commuter e-bike to its portfolio. The so-called Cruiser takes the grips, wide saddle, and more relaxed riding position of the company’s C4ST (step-through) model and adds a top bar and a wider swept-back handlebar. It’s the Dutch-style e-bike you buy if you already liked the C4 but disliked its aggressive forward riding position, skinny saddle, and narrow handlebars.

I had a chance to test ride the new 19.3kg Cruiser against the original C4 (now renamed Classic) and step-through C4ST (now known as the Cruiser ST) in Amsterdam at one of Cowboy’s new retail partners — an initiative that launched in May with independent bike shops across Europe.

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Posted by Experimentor