I made my PS5 Fire Orange and Atomic Purple with Dbrand’s transparent Darkplates

A Sony PlayStation 5 game console stands upright with translucent orange sides and an orange skin running up and down its center bar.
Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

Would you agree technology peaked in the days of candy-colored gadgets in see-through hues like “Atomic Purple” and “Bondi Blue”? If so, Dbrand would greatly enjoy weaponizing your nostalgia against your bank account.

Today, it’s introduced the $100 Retro Darkplates for your PS5, which give your Sony console a similar effect to the transparent N64s that Nintendo released at the turn of the millennium.

They come in transparent orange, light blue, black, and purple, with the first three a “deadmatch against their N64 counterparts,” says Dbrand CEO Adam Ijaz — because the company bought those original consoles, Pantone-matched…

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Posted by Experimentor