Devolver Digital’s showcase featured just four games, but they look like good ones

A screenshot from Baby Steps.
Image: Devolver Digital

Devolver Digital shared details and trailers about some projects in development during its latest showcase on Thursday. However, much of the presentation revolved around a tongue-in-cheek mascot, “Volvy,” a fictionalized history of the mascot’s impact on gaming culture, and the “return” of the character as a robot (VOLV-E). It was weird, but that’s kind of Devolver’s thing for its presentations.

You can watch the whole 22-minute show right here or catch up on the four featured games below (well, in addition to everything involving Volvy):

Wizard with a Gun

Devolver showed a trailer for Wizard with a Gun, a survival game that’s themed kind of like a fantasy game mixed with a western. You’ll have to collect resources, construct buildings,…

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