Tell every PC gamer you know: Dough, formerly Eve, is ready to issue refunds

Eve’s promised products, circa 2020. | Image: Eve

Every time I write about Dough — the PC gaming monitor company formerly known as Eve — some people tell me to stop! They say Dough scammed them out of money or shipped their monitors too late to matter or ghosted their attempts to get customer support.

Today, I’m here to tell you about an opportunity and a promise.

The opportunity: Dough now wants to fix its bad reputation. The company now claims that if you fill out this Customer Issue Resolution Form, you can get your refund or other kinds of help fast. Dough tells The Verge it’s already issued 25,000 refunds without the form, with only 2 percent outstanding, and that it’s now taking care of customers as quickly as a few hours after they ask.

The promise: If you contact Dough and do…

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