eBay will pay $3 million over bizarre cyberstalking campaign

A photo showing the eBay logo on a sign outside a building
Image: eBay

eBay has agreed to pay $3 million in connection with a 2019 harassment campaign directed at a Massachusetts couple that had been critical of the e-commerce site. The US Department of Justice announced the maximum criminal penalty on Thursday and said the company committed six felony offenses.

Specifically, the DOJ charged eBay with two counts of stalking through interstate travel, two counts of stalking through electronic communications services, one count of witness tampering, and one count of obstruction of justice. The charges stem from a heinous harassment campaign carried out by a group of seven eBay employees, some of whom were company executives.

In 2019, the employees came up with a plan to target Ina and David Steiner, a couple…

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