Flightpath Gives Publishers Tools To Support Baked In Sales Via Dynamic

Flightpath, a pioneer in podcast ad optimization software, unveiled their latest technological breakthrough aimed at improving the reliability of episode targeted podcast ad sales and inventory management. With this new capability, Flightpath has expanded their industry-leading availability, triage alerts, and projected performance tools to fully support ‘faked-in’ or episode-targeted placements across supported podcast platforms.

“With buyers who prefer baked-in placements, podcast publishers are turning to episode-targeted ads using Dynamic Ad Insertion [DAI],” explains Sean Howard, CEO of Flightpath.  “Promising an episode locked placement is easy, but DAI makes living up to these promises difficult. Buyers expect these placements to be served in every download or listen within a set time period. Flightpath surfaces any problems that will impact delivery in addition to exposing any oversold events in the future.”

These alerts and reports work on all supported DAI platforms and free up sales and operations to offer these placements with confidence, while also maintaining the significant revenue opportunities from traditional DAI placements.

Key Features

Freedom to use baked in sales strategies while also enabling up to 3x gross revenues with DAI technologies

Confidence that episode locks are properly configured and going to deliver 100% of the time, as promised

Identify booked and oversold episode locked inventory across supported DAI platforms

All of this while monitoring all run-of-show and run-of-network campaigns

Trusted availability for episode targeted orders one year into the future

“Podcast publishers and networks need to unlock revenue potential while still addressing buyer demand for locked inventory,” stated Flightpath’s CRO, Laurie Belleau. “At Flightpath, we’re committed to empowering our partners with unparalleled visibility and paving the way for increased revenue by making ad inventory, placements, and campaign performance readily available in the context of multiple sales strategies.”

“As we manage hundreds of campaigns every week, it’s crucial to have a tool that can swiftly pinpoint and resolve any potential delivery issues,” added Ilwira Marciszek, AdLarge’s Senior VP and head of Revenue Operations and Digital Sales. “Flightpath empowers us to deliver with the reliability and accountability that our advertisers have come to trust from AdLarge.”

To learn more about Flightpath, please reach out to laurie@flightpath.fm.

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