My Garmin’s fatal flaw is it refuses to acknowledge my naps

Garmin Epix Pro on top of a lavender bag with multiple enamel pins.
The Epix Pro is $1,000 and will not acknowledge my naps. Rude. | Photo by Victoria Song / The Verge

Ask any coach, athlete, personal trainer, or doctor: sleep is an important, if not the most important, part of recovery. You cannot get those gains without regular, quality sleep. But life happens, and sometimes regular, high-quality sleep isn’t possible. In those instances, studies have found naps can be an effective way to boost your recovery and athletic performance. So, knowing this, somebody please explain why none of the Garmin smartwatches in my review closet will acknowledge my naps.

Miraculously, my occasional bouts of insomnia and Garmin training haven’t overlapped much. It makes sense. I never sleep better or more regularly than when I’m training for something. That streak ended these last few weeks when my insomnia came back…

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