It could get harder to use a Nest Hub for shopping lists soon

An illustration of Google’s multicolor “G” logo
Google Assistant will no longer integrate third-party lists and reminder apps starting June 20th. | Image: The Verge

Google Assistant will lose the ability to integrate with third-party notes apps on June 20th, per an AnyList developer blog post announcing the change (via 9to5Google). AnyList says it’s talking to Google about the change and hopes it can re-add integration later but, for now, has nothing to announce.

The loss of third-party notes and list app support will come along with the deprecation of Google software support for third-party Google Assistant smart displays, which was discovered in April this year.

AnyList noted in its post that integration is still possible with Amazon Alexa and Siri. Right now, there are four options for notes app integrations in Google Assistant settings:, AnyList, Bring Shopping Lists, and Google Keep….

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