The Pixel 8a may get a 256GB storage boost — and a price hike

Picture of an unofficial beige-colored render of the Pixel 8a
Is this what the Pixel 8a will look like? | Image: OnLeaks / Smartprix

The Pixel 8a phone is getting a new 256GB tier, at least according to rumblings heard from retailers by the usually reliable German tech news site WinFuture. The site’s sources also say it will come in four colors, like the $499 Pixel 7a, but it will cost a quite a bit more than that phone at €569.90, or about $618 USD.

According to WinFuture’s sources, the beefed-up storage version will cost even more — €630 (about $684 USD) — putting it a whiff away from the regular Pixel 8’s $699 price tag. However, as the site notes, that could be subject to change.

The Pixel 8a will reportedly come in obsidian (black), porcelain (beige), bay (light blue), and mint (light green). Last year’s Pixel 7a also came in four colors, but only as a 128GB…

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