Google Podcasts is going away but we’ve got some alternatives.

A pattern of play and pause buttons
Illustration by Kristen Radtke / The Verge; Getty Images

And another one bites the dust — this time, it’s Google Podcasts, which is being discontinued in favor of YouTube Music.

Back in 2018, Google moved its Play Music service over to YouTube, and while some people felt it was an improvement, others weren’t so thrilled. I have to say that I count myself among the latter; I usually listen to rather than watch my music, and I didn’t find the YouTube Music interface any kind of improvement.

Now, as it tends to do, Google has decided to drop yet another of its apps and instead add those features to another service. It sent out an email to users announcing the move last September and has now sent another, offering tools that allow you to either migrate your subscription to YouTube Music or export…

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