The Game Boy that survived the Gulf War has been removed from Nintendo New York

A half-charred Nintendo Game Boy that got damaged in a fire.
Photo by Sean Hollister

Ever heard the urban legend about how the original Nintendo Game Boy survived a bomb? I have reason to believe that’s not true. But until recently, the flagship Nintendo Store at New York City’s Rockefeller Center housed an original Game Boy that, it claimed, was damaged in a bombing during Operation Desert Storm.

We just confirmed with Nintendo New York that, after many years on display, the Gulf War Game Boy is no longer there. VideoGameArt&Tidbits was the first to report the news; they say a worker told them it was returned to Nintendo’s US headquarters in Washington state.

If it’s true, and if it’s not coming back, we’re hoping that Nintendo will display it somewhere else. But just in case it…

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Posted by Experimentor