10 great shows from 2023 to watch on Hulu

Vector collage of a play icon containing an image from the show “Only Murders In The Building”.
The Verge / Photo Courtesy of IMDB and Hulu

Hulu got a big price hike this year, but it’s getting increasingly harder to cancel (at least for me) thanks to the overwhelming number of shows and movies to watch on the Disney-owned service. While those of us in the US can currently access Hulu separately from Disney Plus, things are about to change very soon.

Disney is planning to launch a combined Hulu and Disney Plus app for users who subscribe to both services, and it’s set to come out next year after some initial testing. Keep in mind that this won’t change the content available on either service, just how you access it. For now, though, here are some of the best shows released on Hulu this year.

Only Murders in the Building (Season 3)

Selena Gomez, Steve Martin, and Martin…

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