Madden 24 users are reporting glitchy audio on both PS5 and PC

A Madden 24 screenshot of Packers cornerback Jaire Alexander doing a a touchdown celebration.
Madden 24 has some audio issues right now. | Image: Electronic Arts

PlayStation 5 and PC Madden 24 players are dealing with annoying popping and crackling audio and disappearing sound channels. A post on the Madden subreddit says that, during games, half the audio cuts out then returns with some static whenever a play ends and a cutscene shows. The issues appear to mostly affect gamers with surround sound audio setups, whether via speakers, soundbars, or headphones.

The Verge’s Nilay Patel confirmed the issue was happening on his PS5 while using Dolby Atmos rig, and continues even after switching the PS5’s output to just stereo. Throughout the Reddit post, users say they hear loud popping sounds every few seconds or whenever they pause the game, suggesting that the problem comes from a change in output.

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