Maine’s right-to-repair law for cars wins with 84 percent of the vote

An image of several seated people from the waist down. A right to repair sign leans on a person’s knees.
A January 13, 2020 picture from a right to repair hearing in Boston, Massachusetts. | Photo: David L. Ryan / The Boston Globe / Getty Images

The right-to-repair movement gained a significant victory yesterday as a Maine law regarding auto repair rights won over 84 percent public support, according to Ballotpedia’s unofficial tally. As 404 Media reported, the “Question 4” measure asked if voters want auto manufacturers to enable owners and their preferred mechanics to access their car’s diagnostics systems. Voters said yes.

Maine follows four states that enacted new right-to-repair laws this year. In California, a law signed into effect last month now guarantees seven years of parts for electronics and appliances.

Both Minnesota and Colorado passed repair laws pertaining largely to electronics and farm equipment, respectively, as well as exemptions for certain modifications…

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