McDonald’s will use Google AI to make sure your fries are fresh, or something?

Google logo with colorful shapes
Big Mac meets machine learning. | Illustration: The Verge

McDonald’s is partnering with Google to deploy generative AI beginning in 2024, when “thousands” of stores will get hardware and software upgrades. Along with updates to other systems including ordering kiosks and the company’s mobile app, McDonald’s will be able to use generative AI on massive amounts of data to optimize operations. At least one outcome will be — according to the company — “hotter, fresher food” for customers. Large orders of fries delivered hot, thanks to large language models? It’s not completely clear what that means, but we can read between the lines: expect more AI-driven automation at a drive-through near you in the coming years.

McDonald’s isn’t specific about how AI will be used but says it will include hardware…

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