Meta’s Quest 2 and Pro headsets now have a lying down mode

A picture of the Quest Pro sitting next to its controllers
Image: Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Owners of Meta’s Quest 2 or Pro headsets can turn on a setting that allows their headset to work while lying down, thanks to the v63 software update that’s starting to roll out.

Meta tested lying down mode in a public preview early last year but removed the feature before the v53 update shipped for everyone. In January, Meta exec Mark Rabkin told a user, “It shall make a comeback,” and here it is, at least as an experimental option, which Meta could change or remove in the future.

Image: Meta

Many users were upset when it was removed after the test, especially those with health conditions that make it painful or impossible to wear a headset while upright for long periods of time. For other users, it might have less…

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