Mini’s new Cooper EV centers a giant circular OLED on the dash

A picture of the interior of the 2025 Mini Cooper, seemingly taken from between the driver and passenger seats. It shows the steering wheel, center OLED screen, and dashboard.
The 2025 Mini Cooper EV’s interior. | Image: Mini

The 2025 Mini Cooper EV reveal is showing off a facelift, increased range, and a giant, round OLED screen floating in front of the dashboard. The company says the Cooper E and Cooper SE — the two EV variants — have 190 miles and 250 miles of range, respectively, as calculated using the European EV test cycle. (Those numbers could drop to around 175 miles and 215 miles each when the EPA test cycle is applied, per Ars Technica.)

But about that big OLED touchscreen that now floats in front of the center of the dashboard instead of the embedded rectangle in past models. The company teased the Cooper’s redesigned interior earlier this year with videos showing the screen’s animations and followed that up with another release with more detail…

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