OpenAI partners with Arizona State University to use ChatGPT in classrooms

An image showing a graphic of a brain on a black background
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Arizona State University (ASU) and OpenAI announced a partnership to bring ChatGPT into ASU’s classrooms.

In a press release, ASU stated that it wants to focus on “three key areas of concentration” where it can use ChatGPT Enterprise, like “enhancing student success, forging new avenues for innovative research, and streamlining organizational processes.”

ASU deputy chief information officer Kyle Bowen told The Verge, “Our faculty and staff were already using ChatGPT, and after the launch of ChatGPT Enterprise, which for us addressed a lot of the security concerns we had, we believed it made sense to connect with OpenAI.” He added that ASU faculty members, some of whom have expertise in AI, will help guide the usage of generative AI on…

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