Opera launches revamped browser equipped with an AI sidekick

An image showing the Aria AI tool in Opera One.
Image: Opera

Opera has launched Opera One — a new version of the browser that comes packaged with an AI-powered chatbot called Aria. Just like the Bing chatbot on Microsoft Edge, Opera’s AI assistant lives within the browser’s sidebar, where you can have it answer questions using real-time information, generate text or code, brainstorm ideas, and more.

The built-in chatbot is powered by Opera’s Composer AI engine and connects to OpenAI’s GPT model. To use the tool, you need to sign up for an Opera account if you don’t have one already. Once that’s done, you can click the Aria icon on the left side of the screen to start chatting. While Opera first started testing the revamped version of the browser in May, now it’s available to everyone who downloads…

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