Overwatch 2’s getting its first story missions and teases a new hero

Screenshot from Overwatch 2 featuring behind-the-back shots of the game’s most popular heroes
Blizzard / Xbox

Overwatch 2: Invasion will finally kickstart Overwatch 2’s story. Revealed during the Xbox showcase, Overwatch 2’s story missions are finally here — if “here” actually means August 10th. Last month, game director Aaron Keller revealed that Overwatch 2’s long-hoped-for story mode was being cancelled, citing an ambitious but ultimately unfeasible development process. However, Keller said that the game’s story missions would still be coming, giving players a chance to see what’s going on with Overwatch’s beloved characters.

Story missions aren’t new to Overwatch. The game got its first story mission back in 2017, and it was a prequel of sorts, highlighting the events that would eventually led to the disbanding of the Overwatch…

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