Podchaser Leads The Pack In G2’s Winter 2024 Media And Influencer Targeting

Podchaser, the podcast industry’s intelligence engine, has been distinguished as the leader in the G2 Media and Influencer Targeting Relationships Index as part of their Winter 2024 Reports for the Podchaser Pro product. This placement underscores Podchaser Pro’s excellence in service and the high value data and insights it delivers to clients on various areas of the podcast industry that are critical to their business objectives.

G2 Report draw on user reviews to gauge satisfaction and performance for products and services throughout the media landscape. Podchaser Pro’s top position, particularly in the media and influencer targeting category, reflects its exceptional ease of doing business, outstanding quality of support, and strong likelihood of recommendations by its users.

“This recognition is a testament to the hard work of the Podchaser team and the incredible group of clients we work with who made these recommendations,” said Bradley Davis, CEO of Podcaster. “Importantly, this award is also indicative of the value that Podchaser Pro brings to the table amid the rapidly growing influencer economy. As the global creator economy is tracking to reach a $480 billion value in the next three years, agencies and media buyers that are waking up to the critical role that podcasters play in that area.

Podchaser’s leading data-driven products and services will continue to help them engage with the medium and and the creators that drive it forward.”

In addition to its leadership in the Relationship Index, Podchaser Pro has also earned high marks across various other segments in G2’s comprehensive Winter 2024 reports:

* Media and Influencer Targeting Grid Report

* Implementation Index for Media and Influencer Targeting

* Momentum Grid for Media and Influencer Targeting

* Americas Regional Grid Report for Media and Influencer Targeting – Results Index for Media and Influencer Targeting

* Usability Index for Media and Influencer Targeting

Podchaser Pro’s robust toolset enables PR firms, Ad Agencies, brands and small businesses to target and engage with media and influencers effectively. For detailed information on Podchaser Pro’s capabilities, please reach out to sales@podchaser.com.

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PRX To Distribute Condé Nast Podcasts

Public media organization PRX announced a new podcast collaboration with Condé Nast. PRX, one of the world’s top podcast publishers, will distribute the company’s podcasts across all podcast platforms.

Condé Nast’s slate includes acclaimed shows across areas of news, narrative storytelling, fashion, food, politics, travel, technology, media, music, and investigative journalism. PRX will bring Condé Nast’s premiere podcasts to audiences and advertisers and help to unlock new revenue opportunities.

Condé Nast’s podcasts will continue to be available on-demand wherever listeners choose to listen. Shows now brought to listeners in partnership with PRX include the following: Inside the Hive from Vanity Fair, The Run-Through with Vogue, Critics at Large from The New Yorker, Dinner SOS from Bon Appétit, Women Who Travel from Condé Nast Traveler, Have a Nice Future, from Wired, The Pitchfork Review, and the Peabody Award-winning In The Dark, which is launching two new series with The New Yorker in 2024.

Several shows from The New Yorker, including the The New Yorker Radio Hour, will continue to be distributed in partnership with WNYC, with Condé Nast and PRX also collaborating on advertising initiatives.

“I’m delighted with this partnership in our evolution in audio,” said David Remnick, editor of The New Yorker and the hose of The New Yorker Radio Hour.

“PRX has had an enormously positive impact on the development of the audio industry, and it has long supported original work by some of the most creative people in podcasting, said Condé Nast’s new premium shows while representing the ideals of public media and expanding its reach.”

PRX podcast partners also include TED, PBS, the Smithsonian, Radiotopia, and more. Shows brought to listeners in partnership with PRX have been awarded by the International Documentary Association, the DuPont-Columbia Awards, the Peabody Awards, the Tribeca Festival, and the Pulitzer Prizes.

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Arc Search combines browser, search engine, and AI into something new and different

Three screenshots showing Arc Search on an iPhone.
Arc Search browses the web for you, and then builds you the webpage you wanted. That’s the idea, anyway. | Image: The Browser Company / David Pierce

A few minutes ago, I opened the new Arc Search app and typed, “What happened in the Chiefs game.” That game, the AFC Championship, had just wrapped up. Normally, I’d Google it, click on a few links, and read about the game that way. But in Arc Search, I typed the query and tapped the “Browse for me” button instead.

Arc Search, the new iOS app from The Browser Company, which has been working on a browser called Arc for the last few years, went to work. It scoured the web — reading six pages, it told me, from Twitter to The Guardian to USA Today — and returned a bunch of information a few seconds later. I got the headline: Chiefs win. I got the final score, the key play, a “notable event” that also just said the Chiefs won, a note about…

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X plans to create a content moderation ‘headquarters’ in Austin

An image showing the X logo superimposed on the Twitter logo
Image: The Verge

X says it will hire 100 full-time employees for a new trust and safety office in Austin, Texas, according to a Saturday report by Bloomberg. The plan comes, as the article notes, just a few days before CEO Linda Yaccarino’s scheduled January 31st hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding X’s handling of child sexual exploitation moderation.

The team would reportedly focus mainly on CSE and would be the first proper trust and safety team since Elon Musk gutted it shortly after purchasing the platform formerly known as Twitter. X updated a blog post about its CSE moderation approach to mention the new office yesterday, as well, though it doesn’t reveal what the new team will be doing, nor when the office will open.


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X appears to block Taylor Swift searches… barely

Twitter’s “X” logo on a purple and blue background
Illustration: The Verge

X appears to have blocked searches for Taylor Swift as a reaction to a recent trend of graphic AI fakes of the world-famous recording artist being posted to the site. Right now, if you search “Taylor Swift” or “Taylor Swift AI” on X, formerly Twitter, you may see a “Something went wrong” message. After Platformer’s Casey Newton posted about the apparent block, we tried some other searches. If X is intentionally blocking searches for illicit AI-generated images of Swift, it doesn’t seem to have gotten very far.

That’s because if you run into a blocked search term and decide to put the barest amount of effort into trying something else, you’ll get around it. “Taylor AI Swift” or simply putting quotation marks around her name both returned…

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Microsoft tests Windows 11 with a built-in fix for bad meeting audio

Windows logo on a blue background with several vertical lines flanking it.
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Microsoft released a new Canary test build for Windows yesterday that brings the company’s Voice Clarity feature, which previously only worked on Surface devices, to all Windows machines, including those using ARM CPUs. The company says in a blog post that the feature uses “low complexity AI models” to filter out background noise, echo, and reverberation in real-time.

If Voice Clarity works well enough, its obvious best use case is to make Zoom or Teams meetings less insufferable — after all, how many times have you found yourself lost because someone is giving a presentation while standing 10 feet away from a laptop, their voice awash in a sea of reverb or echo? Or been unable to concentrate on what you’re saying because your every…

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Nomad’s 3-in-1 MagSafe Charger and the Sonos One are down to their best prices

An iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods case charging on a black Nomad Base One Max 3-in-1 charger.
Nomad’s minimalist Base One Max 3-in-1 is on sale for $95. | Image: Nomad

Fancy phone chargers are nice, but they’re often too expensive to justify the cost. Nomad’s Base One Max 3-in-1 is one of those rare unicorns that delivers a lot of value for your money, however, thus making it worth the splurge. After all, the device can simultaneously charge a MagSafe-compatible phone, your Apple Watch, and a pair of AirPods (or another Qi-compatible device) — that’s something not even Nomad’s forthcoming Qi2 charger can do. What’s even better is that Nomad is currently selling the hefty, MagSafe-certified charger in both black and silver for its Black Friday price of $95 ($55 off).

Designed with metal and glass, Nomad’s minimalist slab will look slick on any desk or bedside table. It’s also powerful, delivering up to…

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Google’s Lumiere brings AI video closer to real than unreal

Single frame from a video showing multiple AI-generated clips
Still frame from a teaser reel of Lumiere clips | Image: Google

Google’s new video generation AI model Lumiere uses a new diffusion model called Space-Time-U-Net, or STUNet, that figures out where things are in a video (space) and how they simultaneously move and change (time). Ars Technica reports this method lets Lumiere create the video in one process instead of putting smaller still frames together.

Lumiere starts with creating a base frame from the prompt. Then, it uses the STUNet framework to begin approximating where objects within that frame will move to create more frames that flow into each other, creating the appearance of seamless motion. Lumiere also generates 80 frames compared to 25 frames from Stable Video Diffusion.

Admittedly, I am more of a text reporter than a video person, but…

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Satya Nadella says the explicit Taylor Swift AI fakes are ‘alarming and terrible’

Laura Normand / The Verge

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has responded to a controversy over sexually explicit AI-made fake images of Taylor Swift. In an interview with NBC Nightly News that will air next Tuesday, Nadella calls the proliferation of nonconsensual simulated nudes “alarming and terrible,” telling interviewer Lester Holt that “I think it behooves us to move fast on this.”

In a transcript distributed by NBC ahead of the January 30th show, Holt asks Nadella to react to the internet “exploding with fake, and I emphasize fake, sexually explicit images of Taylor Swift.” Nadella’s response manages to crack open several cans of tech policy worms while saying remarkably little about them — which isn’t surprising when there’s no surefire fix in sight.

I would…

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White House calls for legislation to stop Taylor Swift AI fakes

Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images

Legislation needs to be passed to protect people from fake sexual images generated by AI, the White House said this afternoon. The statement, from White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, came in response to a question about the spread of fake sexualized photos of Taylor Swift on social media this week.

Jean-Pierre called the incident “alarming” and said it’s among the AI issues the Biden administration has been prioritizing.

“Of course Congress should take legislative action,” Jean-Pierre said. “That’s how you deal with some of these issues.” She did not refer to any specific legislation that the White House was backing.

The images spread across X in particular on…

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