Paramount Plus dropped its big Star Trek crossover episode early, and its a delight

An image of a Black woman with her hair in a ponytail and a white man, with purple hair. They are standing in the transporter room of a Star Trek set and wearing black and red uniforms.
This photo is technically a spoiler, but it was released months ago by the studio, so is it actually a spoiler? | Photo by Michael Gibson / Paramount Plus

There might not be any actors or big casting announcements at San Diego Comic-Con this year, but Paramount Plus did find one way to surprise fans. It’s dropping the next episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds five days early. The episode also happens to be the very anticipated crossover episode featuring the live-action version of some of the cast of Star Trek: Lower Decks. Having already seen this episode, I can confirm this is all exactly as delightful as it sounds.

With the actors on strike, SDCC has been much more muted than in previous years. There aren’t as many star-studded panels and zero major casting announcements. This has meant studios need to rely on something besides the labor of actors to promote their shows, and…

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