Voxalyze Raises Million Funding Round From Top German Investors

The Voxalyze platform allows podcast publishers to optimize the acquisition of new listeners.

Today, podcast discovery relies on two pillars: in-app discovery and social media. In-app discovery happens when users browse their favorite listening apps like Apple Podcasts or Spotify or searches for specific content via the search bar.

Voxalyze is the company behind “Podcast Visibility Optimization”, a craft similar to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but applied to podcasts. The company offers keyword ranking for podcasts across millions of keywords in 14 different languages. They are also launching a new analytics solution, which will allow podcast publishers to measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns in attracting new listeners via social media.

Podcasts are thriving. According to the recent Online Audio Monitor study, more than 20 million Germans aged 14+ listened to at least one podcast per month with a staggering 41% of the population aged 14 to 29 years doing so. Advertisers view this as a massive opportunity and the IAB is forecasting advertising revenues of podcasts to triple by 2024.

This has opened up possibilities for podcast publishers. In 2021 alone, more than 725,000 shows were launched, and there are now more than 3 million podcasts available. But how do listeners discover a show? And how could publishers increase their audience? This is exactly the problem Voxalyze is solving by providing visibility analytics and soon audience and attribution analytics.

Fundraising to accelerate the development of the technology and the go-to-market

“The market is literally booming,” says Alexis Hue, co-founder and managing director, “and podcast publishers are becoming more demanding regarding analytics: they now expect a similar level of data and insights as in the web and mobile spaces. That’s what we are building.”

The Voxalyze team, vision and early customer traction has picked the interest of investors: Capnamic Ventures, seed+speed Ventures, and renowned business angels have invested a total of EUR 1.2 million in the company. With the capital, the podcast analytics provider plans on accelerating its technology deployment and go-to-market.

Alexis Hue continues, “The trust of such investors makes us proud. With the capital and the investor support, we are ready to bring our solution to the next level and become the analytics partner of choice for podcast publishers.”

Alexander Kölpin, Managing Director, seed+speed Ventures, commented “the podcast market is growing steadily and there is no sign of this trend reversing. Voxalyze is the missing link for the podcast industry and provides a platform-independent tool for publishers to measure, understand and grow audience and revenue. We are delighted to be on board with seed+speed Ventures as investors.”

About Voxalyze

Voxalyze is a leading provider of podcast analytics and is pioneering the listener acquisition analytics space with solutions like Podcast Visibility Optimization and Social Media Attribution. The company supports podcast publishers of all sizes, from the smallest creator to large media companies with hundreds of shows with data and insights enabling them to grow their audience.

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