Podcast Radio’s Podcast Futures Conference To Take Part In New York

Podcast Radio has announced an international conference which will be held as part of NAB Show New York.

Podcast Futures will be held on Wednesday 19th October at the Javits Center on 11th Avenue in Manhattan. Full details of speakers, sponsors and registration will be announced soon. The Podcast Futures thought-leadership event follows a similar successful conference in Westminster, London, in February.

Once again, the theme is Getting Podcasts Heard, with fresh insights into podcast consumption, monetization, trends and technology, including a special exploration of podcast integration into new platforms and vehicles.

Gerry Edwards, CEO of Podcast Radio, says: “We’re excited to be part of this massive, well-attended NAB Show New York organized by the National Association of Broadcasters. Our event will run parallel with the NAB Show New York’s first day.”

“The idea is to explore the biggest challenge facing the industry right now, whether you’re a corporate player or an indie, and that is quite simply getting your podcast heard. Podcast Radio uses the trust and familiarity people have in radio to help supersize podcast discoverability.”

Chris Brown, NAB executive vice president and managing director, Global Connections and Events, says: “Podcast Futures is an exciting addition to the line-up of dynamic conferences and exhibits in store for our return to an in-person NAB Show New York.”

“With its focus on providing a unique perspective of the podcasting ecosystem, Podcast Radio offers an insight into the latest trends reshaping audio entertainment and the cutting-edge programming that captures audiences’ attention. We look forward to exploring this evolving form of storytelling with Podcast Radio at NAB Show New York.”

Podcast Radio launched more than two years ago and has grown in listenership with a focus on increased use of smart speakers and digital devices. Over half its online listenership is in the U.S. The platform plays sample episodes of podcasts, clips from podcasts, as well as interviewing podcast producers and presenters.

The company raised investment earlier this year and plans for expansion into the US. Nation Broadcasting was a strategic investor.

Recently, Podcast Radio Business was launched, the first of a series of brand extension channels that will also include Podcast Radio Comedy and Podcast Radio Crime.

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