Podigee And Seven.One Audio Partner To Launch Podigee Ad Marketplace

Podigee, the leading podcast hosting and analytics company in the German-speaking market, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Seven.One Audio (part of the larger ProSiebenSat1 SE media group) to launch the Podigee Ad Marketplace, the single largest podcast inventory in Germany and German-speaking countries with over 200,000 podcast shows and over 150 millions of downloads every month.

The marketplace will empower creators of podcasts by making it effortless to monetize their content. This innovative platform will revolutionize the way podcast advertising is done as it aims for the premium quality and listening experience of host-read, while being fully scalable like programmatic advertising.

With the Podigee Ad Marketplace, podcast publishers will be able to earn money with their content at the click of a button, while Podigee takes care of the heavy lifting in the background. The platform will enable advertisers to reach a diverse range of audiences across a vast array of podcasts, from the most popular shows to the long tail of podcasts.

“We’re thrilled to launch the Podigee Ad Marketplace to bring podcast advertising in Germany to the next level,” said Mateusz Sojka, CEO of Podigee. “With the Podigee Ad Marketplace and our partnership with Seven.One Audio, we’re making it easier than ever for publishers to monetize their content and for advertisers to reach their target audiences.”

The Podigee Ad Marketplace will feature a range of ad formats, including pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads. The platform will provide publishers with powerful analytics to track their revenue and engagement metrics, while advertisers will have access to sophisticated targeting and reporting capabilities.

The Podigee Ad Marketplace has launched on Monday 03.06.2023 and is poised to transform podcast advertising in the German-speaking market and beyond.

About Podigee

Podigee is the leading podcast hosting and analytics company in the German-speaking market. The company provides a powerful, user-friendly platform for podcasters to create, distribute, and monetize their content, while offering detailed analytics to track engagement and growth.

About Seven.One Audio

Seven.One Audio is the podcast branch of the media powerhouse ProSeibenSat1 in the German-speaking market, offering a broad range of audio content across multiple platforms. The company partners with leading publishers and creators to offer audiences compelling audio experiences and innovative advertising solutions.

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