PRX And Goat Rodeo Forge Creative And Strategic Podcast Partnership

Independent production company Goat Rodeo will serve as a trusted production partner of PRX Productions, PRX’s team specializing in high-quality audio production and storytelling.

Goat Rodeo will serve as a trusted production partner for PRX Productions PRX’s team specializing in high-quality audio production and storytelling to create original series alongside editorial partners. PRX Productions also creates sponsored podcasts for and with mission-aligned organizations. This new strategic partnership will open opportunities for both PRX and Goat Rodeo, increasing production capacity for PRX Productions while allowing for creative collaboration and close coordination. In addition, PRX will distribute a slate of Goat Rodeo original projects.

“We’re thrilled to partner with the trusted and talented team at Goat Rodeo to expand possibilities for PRX Productions and the podcasts we can create together,” said Jason Saldanha, Chief of Business Development and Content at PRX.

Helmed by Peabody Award-winning audio creator Jocelyn Gonzales and a team of acclaimed producers, PRX Productions specializes in high-quality audio, creating podcasts in concert with CBS News and Simon & Schuster (Unsung Science with David Pogue), Ben & Jerry’s (Blackberry Jams), America Abroad Media (The Universal Title) PBS, (NOVA Now), Echoverse, and more.

Goat Rodeo, an accomplished creative audio team, produces original podcasts spanning storytelling, journalism, and entertainment working alongside partners that includes The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Lawfare, and iHeartMedia.

“This partnership is a huge step forward for PRX and Goat Rodeo. For over seven years, we’ve made unparalleled execution and mission-driven storytelling a cornerstone of our work. For the leadership at PRX to bring our talents together with our shared vision represents a new chapter for us,” said Ian Enright, Chief Executive Officer at Goat Rodeo.

“For so long we’ve felt like the best kept secret in audio. To see Goat Rodeo strengths as a high level audio team paired with PRX’s institutional weight is such an amazing leap forward. Our team is so excited to show the great work our teams can create together,” said Megan Nadolski, Chief Operating Officer at Goat Rodeo.

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