Reddit says a bug is letting slurs get added to its links

Image of the Reddit logo on a red-orange background.
Image: Reddit

A Reddit bug is allowing slurs to get added to Reddit URLs — and those URLs occasionally appear prominently on Google.

Content warning: the following story includes mentions of a slur.

Here’s what we’ve observed. While Googling something related to a lighthearted debate in The Verge’s Slack, one staffer found that some of the Reddit links that surfaced had a subdomain with unexpected characters and a slur before https://2goback-[f-word][rest of the URL]. Despite the additional characters, the link points to Reddit (though the page had the Old Reddit layout).

The slur didn’t just appear for that query. A Reddit site search on Google for the subdomain reveals a bunch of links from different subreddits that have…

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Posted by Experimentor