The Reddit moderators who coordinate many celebrity AMAs will no longer do so

A photo of Bill Gates.
Bill Gates has done many AMAs. | Photo by Saeed Adyani / Netflix

The moderators of Reddit’s IAmA community will no longer solicit and coordinate ask me anything (AMA) conversations with celebrities and high-profile individuals, they wrote in a post on Saturday.

Reddit’s AMAs featuring notable people have become an iconic aspect of the platform, giving regular users the chance to ask questions of people they may otherwise never have a chance to speak with. (Bill Gates has done 11 of them.) The AMAs are usually a fascinating mix of interesting perspective and personal anecdotes, even if the person being featured is usually doing some sort of self-promotion. And sometimes, the entertainment is reading how the AMAs go south.

r/IAmA has more than 22 million subscribers, so the subreddit offers a…

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