RIF developer counters Reddit CEO’s claims that he didn’t want to work with Reddit

A landscape screenshot of rif is fun for Reddit.
A screenshot of rif is fun for Reddit. | Image: TalkLittle

On Thursday, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman told me that the developer of rif is fun for Reddit (RIF), a popular third-party Reddit app for Android, did not want to work with Reddit on the company’s planned API pricing changes. However, the developer, Andrew Shu, tells me that’s not the case — and shared emails with The Verge that appear to back him up.

During the interview, I asked Huffman if Reddit could give developers more time to implement the API changes, which Shu has already said are forcing him to shut down RIF at the end of the month. Here’s exactly what Huffman said in response (emphasis mine):

I said we are working with everybody who is willing to work with us, which includes many of the other third party apps. The three you…

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