Reddit says it won’t overrule mods and force subreddits back open

A Reddit logo shown upside-down on an orange background.
Image by Alex Castro / The Verge

We just spoke to Reddit CEO Steve Huffman, and he’s not backing down. He seems to think third-party apps were a mistake. But Reddit is also pledging that it will respect the subreddit blackout where thousands of subreddits are currently staying dark.

“We are not shutting down discussions or unilaterally reopening communities,” reads a line from a “Reddit API Fact Sheet” that the company shared with The Verge.

In our interview, Huffman told us that he sees Reddit as a “democratic living organism created by its users.”

“Every once in a while in cities, there’s a protest. And I think that’s what we’re seeing exactly right now. We, even in disagreement, we appreciate that users can care enough to protest on Reddit can protest on Reddit…

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