Roblox is about to let users sell custom-made avatar bodies and heads

An illustration of the Roblox logo.
Image: The Verge

Roblox will let users sell “full avatar bodies and standalone heads” that they create by Thursday, Roblox said in a post on its developer forums (via VentureBeat). The new line of creator-made virtual goods (something Roblox calls user-generated content, or UGC) could help more people build businesses on Roblox, which might keep them from making things for competing metaverse platforms like Meta’s Horizon Worlds and Epic Games’ Fortnite.

There will be some limits on what users can sell. The bodies and heads must follow the company’s community standards, marketplace policy, and “pass proactive checks against Roblox IP,” so you won’t be able to sell an obvious Shrek look-alike. Bodies will need to have “modesty layers built in,” which is a…

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