Multifunctional smartwatch bands should be more of a thing

Person wearing Nomad’s glow in the dark Apple Watch strap
It’s less violently green in person, but what I appreciated was how it changes up the feel of the watch without me having to do anything. | Image: Nomad

It’s no surprise that most fitness trackers have swappable straps these days. Watches — smart or otherwise — are a fashion statement, people have different needs from their wearables, and everybody’s skin reacts differently to certain materials. But after trying out Nomad’s new glow-in-the-dark Apple Watch strap and Samsung’s hybrid eco-leather strap this week, I find myself yearning for straps that serve multiple purposes.

Nomad’s strap launched earlier this week, and it’s as straightforward as you can get. It’s the definition of business during the day, party at night. In normal lighting, all you see is a normal cream-colored strap. In the dark, it turns day-glo green. I’ll admit it’s not the most practical strap — it’s a subtler glow…

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Posted by Experimentor