I see your 67W USB-C charger and raise you one with a tiny Macintosh screen

They look like tiny Macintosh computers plugged into a power strip.
The Sharge Retro 67 and Retro 35 chargers.

When my colleague Chris Welch shared his favorite USB-C travel charger with the world last week, I took it as a challenge. I humbly submit that my charger is just as small and powerful as his Belkin — and it has a built-in screen and power meter so you can see how well your gadgets are charging!

Oh, and it looks like a tiny Macintosh computer, in case that floats your boat. My boat is floating.

Sharge sent a review unit of the $70 Sharge Retro 67 about a year ago, and I liked it so much, I bought one myself. Like my colleague’s $45 Belkin BoostCharge 67W, it’s a three-port USB-C PD and PPS charger with folding prongs, one that can put out…

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