Konami just stealth launched a Silent Hill game

Screenshot from Silent Hill 2 featuring Pyramid Head standing in a door frame.
Image: Konami

Silent Hill, the town in desperate need of a city council or something, showed up during PlayStation’s State of Play in a big way with two new trailers and a stealth drop of a new, free-to-play game.

The first game was the debut of Silent Hill: The Short Message, an all-new entry in the Silent Hill franchise. According to PlayStation’s blog, The Short Message is a short, experimental, free-to-play game meant to introduce newcomers to the joys of that idyllic foggy city. Though the name was only just revealed, details on The Short Message including screenshots and the names of the main characters — Anita and Maya — were leaked in 2022. Based on the trailer below, the leaks were accurate.

After The Short Message, Konami showed off a new…

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