Sonnant Celebrates The Opening Of A Dallas Presence With A Contract With Salem Media

Sonnant, a leader in content monetization and workflow automation, is thrilled to announce the contract extension, to include more shows, with Salem Media Group. The decision to renew and expand the partnership was a strategic move, underscoring the seamless collaboration and undeniable success achieved through Salem’s and Sonnets’s innovative solutions.

The renewed contract comes as no surprise given the outstanding results and mutual benefits experienced during the initial collaboration. Salem, a key player in family themed content with conservative values, has recognized the unparalleled value that Sonnant brings to the table in terms of digital revenue growth, audience engagement, and workflow efficiency.

“We are excited about the extension of our partnership with Sonnant, as the more we use it, the more uses we find for it” said Michael Demarest, Director Audience Growth at Salem Media. “In these challenging times it is difficult to add new staff, so we look at what solutions could help our digital growth, without new overheads. Sonnant had already made huge inroads with our ad operations team, so we looked at other shows and other lines of business that we wanted to grow. The results have been superb.”

Sonnant CEO, Tony Simmons said, “When Salem Media announced they were focused on the growth of digital revenues, we know we were a match made in heaven. We challenged Michael and his team to throw away any and all challenges at us. The results and returns have been rabid, and pave the way for more radio and video content.”

Simmons continued, “…moreover, Sonnant is proud to announce the establishment of a presence in Dallas, Scot Herd joins as SVP Strategic Partnerships North America solidifying our commitment to providing North American support and fostering stronger relationships with clients in the USA.”

As this partnership continues to innovate and expand its footprint, both Salem and Sonnant look forward to pushing the boundaries of audio content engagement, automation and revenue generation.

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