Stability AI tries to stay ahead of the pack with a new image-generating AI model

collage of art generated through Stable Cascade
Collage of Stabie Cascade art | Stability AI

Stability AI’s newest model for image generation is Stable Cascade promises to be faster and more powerful than its industry-leading predecessor, Stable Diffusion, which is the basis of many other text-to-image generation AI tools.

Stable Cascade can generate photos and give variations of the exact image it created, or try to increase an existing picture’s resolution. Other text-to-image editing features include inpainting and outpainting, where the model will fill edit only a specific part of the image, as well as canny edge, where users can make a new photo just by using the edges of an existing picture.

Image: Stability AI

Stable Cascade images generated from the prompt “Cinematic photo of an anthropomorphic…

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