Why a Supreme Court decision on fishing boats could change everything

The front of the Supreme Court building, with steps leading up to pillars in front of the entrance.
A view of the US Supreme Court on Thursday, January 4th, 2024, in Washington, DC.  | Photo by Drew Angerer / Getty Images

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments this week on a couple of cases that could completely upend the way federal agencies regulate just about anything in the US. At question is a legal doctrine called Chevron deference that allows federal agencies to interpret laws meant to protect consumers, public health, and the environment. Now, a conservative supermajority in the Supreme Court appears on the precipice of either overturning or limiting the scope of Chevron deference.

The Verge spoke with legal experts about what’s going on and what the Supreme Court’s decisions on Chevron deference could ultimately mean for Americans. “The real question is how far they will go?” says Jody Freeman, director of the Environmental and Energy Law…

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