The Cybertruck’s VINs reveal clues about the long-delayed truck

Photo of a prototype Cybertruck.
How many motors have you got? | Photo by Sean O’Kane / The Verge

Tesla’s Cybertruck is finally nearing its first delivery event on November 30th, and yet we still don’t have key details on configurations, prices, and other specifications of the unconventionally designed pickup truck.

But today, we got some insight for the launch, including initial Cybertruck powertrain options and Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), thanks to new VIN info from the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

A required VIN decoder submission that Tesla and other automakers must provide to NHTSA before vehicles are delivered to customers is now available for all to see and decipher. A Verge tipster pointed us to a Cybertruck Owners Club forum post where user Throwcomputer provided an analysis of Tesla’s…

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