The Podcasting, Seriously Awards Fund Expands To Include Education and Training

LWC Studios announced the expansion of its award fund to include reimbursements for audio production education and training for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ independent producers, editors, and other creators. Through this expansion, The Podcasting, Seriously Awards Fund will support educational opportunities for creators belonging to underrepresented groups.

Independent creators seeking to advance their careers in audio production can apply for grants and be awarded up to $500 per person per year after completing training at established institutions.

Pauline Velasco, Managing Producer at LWC Studios says, “We’re thrilled to provide creators the chance to improve their skills and expand their opportunities for work in our industry.”

Tiffany Ashitey, Creator Network Director at Acast, one of the Fund Partners, says, “Over the past year, I’ve watched the LWC Studios team dedicate their time and creativity to fostering an industry that welcomes, recognizes, and celebrates diverse voices. What LWC Studios has built with The Podcasting, Seriously Awards Fund is a truly incredible resource for independent creators – and we are so proud to support it. My hope is for other organizations in the industry to follow in this team’s footsteps.”

Launched in early 2021 by LWC Studios with fund partners, AIR, Pacific Content, Acast, Triton Digital, and Sounds Profitable, The Podcasting, Seriously Awards Fund supports independent BIPOC and LGBTQ+ identifying independent audio professionals in submitting their work to media and journalism awards by covering entry fees. The Fund’s mission is to expand the pool of talent considered for recognition in order to make competitions and awards more inclusive.

“At Triton Digital, we are committed to doing our part in supporting accessible educational opportunities for independent media producers, editors and creators,” says Sharon Taylor, Senior Vice President of Podcast Strategy & Product Operations at Triton Digital, a Fund Partner. “The audio community is louder and stronger together, and being part of The Podcasting, Seriously Awards Fund will enable us to continue to shape the industry for future success.”

To date, the fund has raised $50,000 to cover entry fees to competitions such as The Ambies, The Web Awards, Podcast Awards, Tribeca Film Festival, and The Third Coast International Film Festival, among others. Reimbursement applications can be submitted to the Fund at any time of the year, and eligible applicants can be base in anywhere in Canada, The United Kingdom, United States, or Australia.

Those interested in applying can submit their information here. Those interested in contributing to the Fund can donate via Patreon, AIR, and Buy Me a Coffee.

Posted by Experimentor